Fun Facts About Tulsa

Tulsa is a city in Oklahoma. It is ranked as the second largest city in Oklahoma. Tulsa has some interesting facts that you not have heard about. The following are the fun facts about Tulsa:

1. A graduate from the University of Tulsa known as Gordon Matthews was the sole inventor of the ‘voice message exchange.’  In the world today, it is commonly used and referred to as ‘Voicemail.’

2. The tallest building in Tulsa is the Bank of Oklahoma. It looks like the child to one of the world’s tallest buildings known as the World Trade Center. Surprisingly, the two buildings were designed by Minoru Yamasaki(architect) in the early 1960s.

3. The Tulsa Port of Catoosa located between Arkansas and Verdigris Rivers is the busiest inland river port in America. Cargo of around 2.2 million tons passes through this port every year.

4. Zac Hanson, Taylor and Isaac are pop superstars from Tulsa. They formed their band in 1992. Their first performance was at the Mayfest an annual event in Tulsa. Surprisingly, the brothers were 7,9 and 12 years respectively.

5. The Half-Arabian and U.S National Arabian Championship Horse Show has been carrying the day since 2008 in the Tulsa’s Expo Square. It features approximately 1700 horses and almost 2000 exhibitors.

6. Tulsa holds the country’s most expensive collection of the Art Deco architecture. In fact, Tulsa hosted an event known as World Congress on Art Deco in 2001.

7. Tulsa is in the history of America after being named as the most beautiful city by the famous Time magazine. It is still beautiful but not ranked that much. Their dining places have easy healthy desserts for summer.

8. Tulsa was initially known as ‘Tallasi.’Tallasi meant ‘old town.’It was part the Indian Territory occupied by the Creek and Loachapoka tribes around the 1800s.

Tulsa is an American city that carries so much history making it rich in fun facts.